Christmas Lilies of the Field

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Christmas Lilies of the Field
Directed by Ralph Nelson
Produced by
  • Toby Martin
  • Ralph Nelson
Written by
  • William E. Barrett
  • John McGreevey
  • Ralph Nelson
Music by George Aliceson Tipton
Cinematography Robert B. Hauser
Edited by O. Nicholas Brown
Release dates
  • December 16, 1979 (1979-12-16)
Country United States
Language English

Christmas Lilies of the Field is a 1979 made-for-TV sequel to the classic film Lilies of the Field. In this sequel, directed by Ralph Nelson, Homer Smith (played by Billy Dee Williams instead of Sidney Poitier) returns to the Arizona desert where he had built the chapel for the nuns. This time Mother Maria (played by Maria Schell), claiming that since the chapel lacks a bell-tower and bells the previous job was never completed, convinces Homer Smith into building a kindergarten as well as an orphanage. The TV special was released on VHS in 1989.

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