Christmas Special (TV special)

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"Christmas Special"
The Naked Brothers Band episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 6
Directed by Jonathan Judge
Written by Polly Draper
Produced by Ken H. Keller
Caron Rudner-Keller
Production code 307
Original air date December 13, 2008
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Supetastic 6 (TV special)"
Next →
"Secrets of the NBB Summer Tour (TV special)"
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Christmas Special is the sixth episode and the first holiday special on the part documentary and part rock-mockumentary musical comedy series The Naked Brothers Band, which was created by Polly Draper. The premise of Christmas Special is that Nat has the holiday blues since Rosalina's letters from abroad have a steadily decreasing number of X's and O's. He has to find his spirit back in time before a benefit that is hosted by Whoopi Goldberg.


If Nat doesn't find something to give him the Christmas spirit, it could ruin a benefit the band is holding for "Save the Children", which is hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. Meanwhile, Alex is in a competition with the adorable Timmerman Brothers to create the world's worst online Christmas video.

Later on during the "Save the Children" benefit, Nat bumps into a Leon Williams (Leon G. Thomas III) who he told him about his love problem. He replied, "Hey man, you can't mess your love with X's". Whoopi Goldberg makes an announcement and introduces Leon Williams who talks about how he and his family is poor—he and his family have lived without a roof over their head, have gone without food, but never lost hope. During Leon's speech, Nat gets his Christmas spirit back and writes a song called "Yes We Can", which he sings with Natasha Bedinfield and Leon Williams to end the benefit. After the benefit, Nat sends Rosalina an email postcard with three X's and when Rosalina replies, she replies with three X's. It puts Nat in a good mood.


In real life, Nat Wolff was inspired by president Barack Obama, while he was running for office, to re-compose the song "Yes We Can". Nat got to speak with Obama's two daughters on the phone. Nat Wolff's mom and the series' creator Polly Draper wrote this episode based around his song. Polly got Whoopi Goldberg to be in it, since Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd interviewed the band after they performed "I'm Out" on ABC's The View that was on February 2008. Save The Children is a real charity, which on the end of the ending credits of the show gave you information about contacting them.


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