Christoph Franz von Hutten

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Christoph Franz von Hutten

Christoph Franz von Hutten (1673–1729) was the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg from 1724 to 1729.

Christoph Franz von Hutten was born in Mainburg on 19 May 1673.[1] He was the son of Ritter Johann von Hutten (1629–90) and his wife Anna Maria, nėe Freiin von Hagen zu Motten und Buschfeld (1649–98).[2]

He was educated at the University of Würzburg from 1680 to 1685.[2] In 1686, he became a canon (Domizellar) of Würzburg Cathedral and of Comburg.[2][2] He then studied at the Collegium Germanicum in Rome.[2] He spent 1690-91 at the University of Siena.[2] He then studied at the University of Mainz.[2]

He was made a canon of Bamberg Cathedral on 2 March 1711.[1] He became dean of Würzburg Cathedral on 12 November 1716.[1] On 31 October 1717 he was ordained as a priest.[1]

The cathedral chapter of Würzburg Cathedral elected him Prince-Bishop of Würzburg on 2 October 1724; Pope Benedict XIII confirmed his appointment on 28 December 1724.[1] Johann Bernhard Mayer, auxiliary bishop of Würzburg, consecrated him as a bishop on 8 April 1725.[1]

He died of pneumonia on 25 March 1729.[1] He was buried in Würzburg Cathedral on 26 April 1729.[2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn
Prince-Bishop of Würzburg
Succeeded by
Friedrich Karl von Schönborn