Christoph Wilhelm Megander

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Christoph Wilhelm Megander
Born 1626
Died 22 August 1676(1676-08-22)
Residence Northern Germany
Nationality German
Theological work
Era 17th century
Language German
Tradition or movement Lutheran

Christoph Wilhelm Megander (1626 – 22 August 1676 in Sommersdorf) was a German Protestant theologian.


From 1653 to 1671 he served as chaplain in the Norburg and confessor to Duchess consort Eleanor of Schleswig-Holstein-Sønderburg-Norburg, née Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst (10 November 1608 in Zerbst – 2 November 1681 in Osterholm). She married Duke Frederick as his second wife in 1632.

In 1671, he went to the Duchy of Magdeburg and became a vicar in Sommersdorf. He held this post until his death in 1676.

Megander was married and had one daughter.


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