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Christopher Blom Paus (born 1810, died 1898) was a Norwegian shipowner, merchant and banker. Born into the patriciate of the port town of Skien, he was the son of shipowner Ole Paus and Johanne Plesner (formerly married Ibsen). He was the uncle of playwright Henrik Ibsen, as both the half brother of Knud Ibsen and cousin of Marichen Altenburg. He was the brother of judge, Bratsberg governor and Member of Parliament Christian Cornelius Paus and lawyer Henrik Johan Paus. Christopher Blom Paus owned the house at Snipetorp where the Ibsen family lived from Henrik's confirmation in 1843 to 1865.[1]

He was the father of factory owner Ole Paus. His grandson Herman Paus married Countess Tatyana Tolstoy, a granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy. Their descendants own Herresta and other Swedish estates. He was also the great-grandfather of General Ole Otto Paus and the great-great-grandfather of singer Ole Paus.


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