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Christopher Crocodile is an animated children's cartoon TV series. It was started in 1993 and was produced by Direct Entertainment Ltd.[1]

The eponymous protagonist of the series is Christopher Crocodile, who, according to the plot, left his native Mudagascar (a clear parallel of Madagascar) to devote his energy and inventive mind to helping the people of Muddytown, where most of the programmes are set. Muddy Town receives a lot of rain, which makes it a very muddy place. This was bad news for Mayor Muggins and the townsfolk, who are stuck living under a cloud all of the time, in this most unappealing of places. But it's good news for the crocodile, who likes nothing more than to wallow in the muddy pools around town, slurping on jars of peanut butter and custard. Christopher turns out to be an asset to Muddy Town, because he happens to be rather clever inventor with an eye for new gadgets, gizmos and designs, almost all of which are highly improbable in real life.


  • Chair Lift
  • Houses
  • France
  • Time Machine
  • Car
  • Seaside
  • Africa
  • Fire
  • Statue
  • Football
  • Sub-Car
  • Snow
  • Cloud Crazy


  • Based on an Original Idea by: Graham Purcell
  • Based on Original Illustrations by: Kate Taylor
  • Written by: Jerome Vincent, Stephen Edmondson
  • Narrated by: Derek Griffiths
  • Music: Kick Productions
  • Animation: Martin Wansborough, Mike Joyce, Malcolm Bourne
  • Artwork: Clair Stainforth, Caroline Mould, Jez Hall
  • Layout: Ted Pettengell
  • Backgrounds: Barry Dalrymple
  • Trace & Paint: Cel Out Films
  • Rostrum Camera: Patrick Davenport
  • Sound: Glentham
  • Lab: Filmatic
  • Editing: Neil Cowling, Steve McHugh, Jane Hicks
  • Executive Producers: David Hamilton, Claire Derry, David C. Pick, Joan Lofts, Theresa Plummer-Andrews
  • Produced & Directed by: Mike Joyce


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