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Christopher Dainty is a professor who researches optical imaging, scattering and propagation.[1] In these areas he has published books: 'Scattering in Volumes and Surfaces' (1989, co-edited with M Nieto-Vesperinas), 'Laser Speckle and Related Phenomena' (1975, 2nd Ed. 1984, editor)[2] and 'Image Science' (1974) which he co-authored with Rodney Shaw.[3] He has co-authored around 170 peer-reviewed papers and ≈300 conference presentations.


From 1974-78, he was a Lecturer in Physics at Queen Elizabeth College of the University of London.[4] Professor Dainty joined the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester 1978 and the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in July 1982.[3] He became Pilkington Professor of Applied Optics at Imperial College in January 1984[5] and was SERC[disambiguation needed] Senior Research Fellow for the period October 1987 to September 1992. From October 2001 to September 2002 he was a PPARC Senior Research Fellow.[6] In October 2002, Professor Dainty moved to The National University of Ireland, Galway where he is currently Chair of Applied Physics and Science Foundation Ireland PI. He is simultaneously on extended leave from Imperial College.[5]

Professor Dainty has been active in teaching optics and physics throughout his career, at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in continuing education. He has supervised 58 PhD Theses and currently has 5 PhD students.[3]

During his career, Professor Dainty has interacted and collaborated extensively with industry. He founded an Industrial Associates Scheme at Imperial College[7] and at NUI Galway has established links more than 50 companies in ICT, healthcare and other industries.[2]>

He is the 1984 recipient of the International Commission of Optics Prize, the 1993 Thomas Young Medal and Prize (IoP), the 2003 C E K Mees Medal and Prize (OSA) and the Optics and Photonics Division Prize 2004 (IoP). He is also a Fellow of The Optical Society of America, SPIE, The Institute of Physics (UK) and The European Optical Society.[5] In March 2008 he was elected a Member of the Royal Irish Academy.[1]

From 1983 to 1985 he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Optical Society (OSA) - 1987–1990 he was elected Secretary-General of the ICO, President for the term 1990–1993 and was Past-President from 1993 to 1996 - and 1994 to 1996 he was elected to the Board of SPIE. Prof Dainty served on the Council of the UK Institute of Physics (1996–1999). He was a Director at Large of the OSA for the period 2005-2007 and 2011 President of OSA (Past President in 2012).[5]


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