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Christopher P. Dunn, born 1946 in Manchester, England, is an English author known for the book The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt, which claims that precision machining is evident in ancient Egyptian structures, particularly in the Giza pyramid complex.[1][2]


Dunn was born in 1946 in Manchester, England. He worked at Mather & Platt at their Newton Heath plant where he served an apprenticeship and subsequently became a journeyman machinist. In 1969 Dunn emigrated to the United States after being recruited by the Altamil Corporation to work at aerospace manufacturing company, Twigg Industries, in Martinsville, Indiana. While employed as a toolmaker at Rettig Engineering in Indianapolis, Dunn became involved in the development and implementation of high powered lasers for processing gas-turbine and aerospace parts and assemblies. He was the manager of Laser Robotics Machining, a contract job-shop which served the aerospace industry. In 1986 he was recruited by gas turbine/aerospace manufacturing company, Danville Metal Stamping, where he has worked in the position of Project Engineer, Laser Operations Manager and Human Resource Manager.

He is a master craftsman and skilled machinist. Dunn lives with his wife Jeanne and children in Danville, Illinois.[3][4]

The Giza Power Plant[edit]

Dunn's initial book The Giza Power Plant was published in 1998 by Inner Traditions - Bear & Company. In it, Dunn argues that based on his measurements of Egyptian monuments, ancient stonecutting achieved a high-precision accuracy surpassing modern accuracy standards in building.

Dunn has published many magazine articles on his hypotheses concerning ancient technology, including an August 1984 article "Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt" in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine.[5]

Dunn wrote the foreword to Edward F. Malkowski's 2007 publication The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt: Sacred Science and the Mystery of Consciousness.[6]

He also produced the DVD documentaries The Giza Power Plant[7] and Ancient Wisdom: Christopher Dunn: Ancient Power Plants And Advanced Technology: Egypt In The New Millennium.

In 2010 Dunn's second book "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt: Advanced Engineering in the Temples of the Pharaohs" was published (Bear & Company). In it Dunn documents repeatable precision three-dimensional machining, sometimes highly symmetrical, on the oversized statues in Egyptian temples similar in nature - and all but identical - with such machining as is capable of being made on modern computer controlled machining centers (CNCs). Dunn stops short of drawing conclusions of how such precision was accomplished, arguing only that it happened.


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