Christopher Fleming (surgeon)

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Christopher Fleming
Born 1800
Died 1880
Nationality British

Christopher Fleming (14 July 1800 – 30 December 1880) was an Irish surgeon. [1]


He was born at Boardstown in County Westmeath on 14 July 1800, and in 1821 graduated B.A. in the University of Dublin. He became a licentiate of the Irish College of Surgeons in 1824, and a member in 1826. In 1838, he took an M.D. degree in the University of Dublin, but did not obtain a hospital appointment till 1851, when he became surgeon to the House of Industry Hospitals. [1]

In 1856, he was elected president of the College of Surgeons of Ireland, and in 1877 collected some papers which he had previously published in medical journals into a volume entitled Clinical Records of Injuries and Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs. His only other work is "Remarks on the Application of Chloroform to Surgical purposes", Dublin, 1851, and both are without permanent value. [1]

He married a Miss Radcliff, and had seven children, of whom a son and a daughter survived him. He retired from practice a few years before his death, and went to live at Donnybrook, near Dublin, where he died 30 December 1880. [1]


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