Christopher Folan

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Christopher Folan
Born (1903-01-01)1 January 1903
Woodquay, Galway, Ireland
Died 11 May 1921(1921-05-11)
Woodquay, Galway, Ireland
Nationality Irish
Relative(s) James Folan

Christopher Folan, Irish War of Independence victim, died 11 May 1921.

Christy Folan, aged 18, was a native of Woodquay, Galway City. His brother James Folan was a Battalion Quarter-Master of the Galway Brigade of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), during the Irish War of Independence.[1] James was released from Galway Jail on 10 May 1921, after a 6 month sentence for possessing seditious documents. He was warned not to return to his home in O'Donoghue's Terrace, Galway.[2]

That night a party of Black and Tans called to the house looking for James. The were met by his brother, Patrick Folan, who told him James was not at home. They searched the house and the yard. They then fired into a downstairs room where his two brothers Christy and Joseph were sleeping. Christy died at the scene, his brother Joseph survived after being brought to Galway Hospital.[3]

The Black and Tans then went to the house of Hubert Tully, St Brigids Terrace. He was a contact of Sean Broderick, a leading Galway Republican. On finding him they shot him dead.[4]

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