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Christopher Andersen Hornsrud (15 November 1859 – 12 December 1960) served as Prime Minister of Norway from January to February 1928. He combined the post of prime minister with that of minister of finance. Although his tenure as Prime Minister was brief, his list of political accomplishments is not. He was the first Prime Minister to come from the Norwegian Labour Party, which would later dominate the country's government for many years. Hornsrud also served as Postal Minister and in his later years was known for his extensive knowledge of Norway's political history.

Honsrud was born in Skotselv, Øvre Eiker, and died in Oslo. With his 101 years, Hornsrud is also the longest-lived Norwegian Prime Minister.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Ivar Lykke
Prime Minister of Norway
Succeeded by
Johan Ludwig Mowinckel