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Full name Christopher Pugsley
Born 1947
Region United Kingdom, New Zealand
Main interests Military history, especially World War I
Christopher Pugsley (left) with New Zealand Minister of Defence Jonathon Coleman (right) at the Buttes New British Cemetery New Zealand Memorial, Belgium, February 2012

Christopher Pugsley (born 1947) is a New Zealand military historian.

He became interested in writing in 1984 when, as a career army officer, he authored a book and worked on a television documentary about New Zealand's involvement in the Gallipoli campaign. In 1987, he left his position of infantry lieutenant-colonel to dedicate himself to a new career as historian. In 1994, he became Writing Fellow at the Victoria University of Wellington. He then taught at University of New England, Australia from 1996 to 1999. He is currently Senior Lecturer in War Studies[1] at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Adjunct Senior Fellow[2] at New Zealand's University of Canterbury.

During the 1990s he wrote a series of detailed articles called "Walking the Waikato Wars",in the now defunct New Zealand Defence Quarterly, in which he visited each Waikato Battle site and reviewed each battle through the eyes of a modern professional military officer using photographs and maps to illustrate events. Often he came to very different conclusions about tactics and military outcomes compared to untrained military writers.

His primary area of interest is 20th-century New Zealand, Australian, Canadian and British Commonwealth military history, with particular focus on Gallipoli, and the Western Front.

He is published as Chris Pugsley and Christopher Pugsley.


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