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Christopher Shy, who occasionally goes by the pen name "Ronin,"[1]:374 is a freelance fantasy and science fiction artist.


In 1994, Christopher Shy created Studio Ronin to highlight his dark and moody photorealistic art.[1]:374 With George Vasilakos, Shy conceived of the zombie RPG All Flesh Must Be Eaten (2000).[1]:341 In 2003, Shy joined forces with author Philip J. Reed to create the company Ronin Arts.[1]:374

His work includes character portraits for White Wolf's Mage: the Ascension revised edition and Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, a graphic novel written by Claudio Sanchez. He is also the founder of Studio Ronin and the co-founder of Ronin Arts.[2]

His graphic novel Pathfinder is an adaptation of the film of the same name. He also provided the art for Ascend,[3] which also has a web version called Ascend: Divination.[4]

He will illustrate the graphic novel version of Call of Duty director Keith Arem's film, entitled "Frost Road".[5]

In 2007 Christopher Shy and Studio Ronin released Silent Leaves The Last Bondsmen followed by Silent Leaves Exceptions To Life, The first two installments of a four part graphic novel series written and drawn by Shy. He also illustrated Soul Stealer with Michael Easton followed by Soul Stealer: Blood and Rain in 2009.

In 2008 Christopher Shy was the conceptual designer for the remake of Friday The 13th directed by Marcus Nispel. This marks Christopher Shy's 2nd film with the director, Pathfinder being the first.



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