Christopher Spencer Foote

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Christopher Spencer Foote
Born June 5, 1935
Hartford, Connecticut
Died June 13, 2005
Santa Monica, California
Nationality American
Fields chemist
Institutions UCLA
Alma mater Yale University, Harvard University
Doctoral advisor Robert Burns Woodward
Known for Singlet oxygen
Notable awards

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship
Guggenheim Fellowship

Arthur C. Cope Award
Tolman Award
Fulbright Award

Christopher Spencer Foote (June 5, 1935 – June 13, 2005) was a professor of chemistry at UCLA and an expert in reactive oxygen species, in particular, singlet oxygen.[1] He published 259 articles, editorials, and notes. He was cited over 14,000 times with an average of 450 citations per year since 1989. He has an h-index of 67.[2] He was also known for his textbook Organic Chemistry (with Brown and Iverson; 5th ed., Brooks/Cole Pub Co., ISBN 978-0-495-38857-9).[3][4]

The American Chemical Society gave him their Baekeland award in 1975, named him a Cope Scholar in 1994, and gave him the Tolman Medal in 1996. In 2000 an international symposium in honor of his 65th birthday was held in Hawaii.[5] The Christopher S. Foote Chair of chemistry at UCLA, currently held by Omar M. Yaghi, is named after him.


Research and Teaching Appointments[edit]


Reactive oxygen species[edit]

Diels-Alder reaction with singlet oxygen,[7] oxidative damage of DNA.[8]

C70 and C60 as photosensitizers[edit]


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