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Christopher William Stubbs
Christopher Stubbs (2011 photo)
Born (1958-03-12) March 12, 1958 (age 56)
Fields Physics, Astrophysics
Institutions Harvard University
Alma mater University of Virginia (B.Sc.),
University of Washington (Ph.D.)
Known for Dark Energy, fifth force, Gravity

Christopher Stubbs (born March 12, 1958) is an experimental physicist currently on the faculty at Harvard University in both the Department of Physics and the Department of Astronomy. He is a former Chair of Harvard's Department of Physics.[1]


Stubbs received an International Baccalaureate degree from Iranzamin International School in Tehran and received a B.Sc. in physics from the University of Virginia in 1981. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Washington in 1988 working with Professor Eric Adelberger on experimental tests of gravity. His Ph.D. thesis ruled out the idea of a fifth force, a proposed long range modification of gravity.

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