Christopher Weaver

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Christopher Weaver
Alma mater Wesleyan University
Occupation software and technology innovator, entrepreneur
Known for founder of Bethesda Softworks

Christopher Weaver is a software developer, game programmer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Bethesda Softworks. He was the co-founder of ZeniMax Media[1] and spearheaded the development of the first physics engine for realtime sports simulation, culminating in the creation of the original John Madden Football for Electronic Arts, as well as other gaming innovations such as screen captioning for deaf players. As President and CEO of Bethesda Softworks, he was one of the original creators and the first Executive Producer for The Elder Scrolls role-playing series.[2][3] He was the subject of an episode in the "That was Me" series in 2014. How One Man's Vision Helped Change the Videogame Industry

Education and career[edit]

Dr. Weaver received a Master of Science (SM) degree from MIT and was the initial Daltry scholar at Wesleyan University, where he earned dual Masters Degrees in Japanese and Computer Science and a CAS Doctoral Degree in Japanese and Physics.[4] He is also a former member of the MIT Media Lab, Fellow of the MIT Communications and Policy Program, and is a current member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.[2] He is currently a Visiting Scholar and Lecturer at MIT where he teaches in the Comparative Media Studies program and a Visiting Scientist and Lecturer in the Department of Engineering.[4] He is a Fellow of the Futures of Entertainment Consortium,[5] a Board Member of the Communications Technology Roadmap Group and Visiting Scientist in the Microphotonics Center [6] and a member of the MIT Communications Forum.


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