Chromo shadow domain

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Chromo shadow domain
PDB 1s4z EBI.jpg
hp1 chromo shadow domain in complex with pxvxl motif of caf-1
Symbol Chromo_shadow
Pfam PF01393
Pfam clan CL0049
InterPro IPR008251
SCOP 1e0b
CDD cd00034

In molecular biology, the chromo shadow domain is a protein domain which is distantly related to the chromodomain. It is always found in association with a chromodomain. [1] Proteins containing a chromo shadow domain include Drosophila and human heterochromatin protein Su(var)205 (HP1); and mammalian modifier 1 and modifier 2.

Chromoshadow domains self aggregate, bringing together the nucleosomes to which their proteins are bound and thus condense the chromatin region they are associated with. Condensed chromatin is not able to be transcribed as the transcription factors and enzymes are not able to access to DNA sequence in this form. Hence chromoshadow domain containing proteins repress gene transcription.[2]


This article incorporates text from the public domain Pfam and InterPro IPR008251

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