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English version artwork
Studio album by Anggun
Released 29 September 2000
Recorded 1999-2000
Genre Pop, electronic, R&B
Label Columbia, Sony Music
Producer Erick Benzi
Anggun chronology
Snow on the Sahara
Open Hearts
Désirs contraires
French version artwork

Chrysalis (English version) or Désirs contraires (French version) is the second international studio album by Anggun. The album was released by Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment in over 15 countries in Europe and Asia, with the English version being first released in Japan on 30 August 2000 and the French version premiering in France on 2 October 2000. A major departure to her debut album's world music composition, Chrysalis features electronic pop sounds with elements of R&B and ambient music. The album was again produced by Erick Benzi, but it featured some of Anggun's compositions. Anggun also co-wrote the entire material on the English version.

Chrysalis debuted at number 66 on the Billboard‍ '​s European Top 100 Albums chart. It became her second top-ten album in Italy, and was certified gold in a week after its release. In Indonesia, Chrysalis received quadruple platinum certification. Désirs contraires peaked at number 48 on the French Albums Chart and has sold about 30,000 copies in France. The album received Platinum Export for its commercial success outside France. Singles released were "Still Reminds Me" and "Chrysalis" from Chrysalis, as well as "Un geste d'amour" and "Derrière la porte" from Désirs contraires. To promote the album, Anggun embarked on a tour across Asia and Europe, including her first ever concert in France at Le Bataclan on 1 February 2001.[1]


As the title suggests, Chrysalis shows Anggun's growth—both personally and musically—as prior to the release of the album, she divorced her husband of seven years, Michel Georgea. The divorce presumably inspired Anggun to write songs like "Still Reminds Me" and "Broken Dream," among others, on the album. The album also marked Anggun's artistic development, as a departure from Snow on the Sahara where she only co-wrote one song, on Chrysalis she co-wrote every song with Erick Benzi with exceptions of "Rain," "Tears of Sorrow," and "Non Angelical," (co-written with Cathy Grier and Erick Benzi) and "Comme un privilege" (co-written with Erick Benzi and Nicolas Mingot). Anggun's songwriting varies from heartbroken ("Still Reminds Me," "Broken Dream"), love-longing ("Breathing," "Signs of Destiny"), humanity ("Tears of Sorrow," "How the World...") even spirituality ("A Prayer") and a fan's obsession ("Want You to Want Me").

The music is also a departure from the highly ethnic-influenced Snow on the Sahara to more Euro-pop/electro sounds. This evident is clear on songs like "Rain", "Signs of Destiny," and "Forbidden Love." Meanwhile, her pop/world trademark can also be found on "How The World...". The album also features some acoustic ballads (accompanied with piano only), in songs like "Want You to Want Me" and "Broken Dream."

Another thing, the album has a lot simpler production compared to Snow on the Sahara, as the sounds are mainly based on synth and computer programming. Only two instruments were used: electric guitar and keyboards. Like her debut album, the music on the English version is the same as the French one, but this time around, the lyrics are different (on Chrysalis, Anggun wrote all the lyrics by herself except for four songs and on Désirs Contraires, Erick Benzi took a sole songwriting part). There are two songs in the French version which are not available on the English version ("Marcher sur la mer" and "Brume"). Instead, they are replaced with two original songs in English ("A Prayer" and "Forbidden Love").


Chrysalis debuted at number 66 on the European Top 100 Albums chart compiled by Music & Media and Billboard based on sales all over the continent.[2] It became Anggun's second top-ten album on the official albums chart by Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana (FIMI) and was certified gold in Italy in just one week of release. It also became Anggun's best-selling international album in Indonesia to date, with four platinum certification.[3][4] Critically, the album received positive response from music critics. Brittany Jerlinga in a review for Pulse! magazine called the album "brilliant" and wrote that its songs are "soulful, strong and heart-felt."[5]

Track listing[edit]

English version[edit]

Chrysalis – International standard edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Still Reminds Me"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
2. "Rain"   Anggun, Cathy Grier, Erick Benzi  
3. "Breathing"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
4. "Chrysalis"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
5. "Tears of Sorrow"   Anggun, Cathy Grier, Erick Benzi  
6. "Want You to Want Me"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
7. "How the World"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
8. "A Prayer"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
9. "Non Angelical"   Anggun, Cathy Grier, Erick Benzi  
10. "Look into Yourself"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
11. "Forbidden Love"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
12. "Signs of Destiny"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
13. "Comme un privilege"   Anggun, Erick Benzi, Nicolas Mingot  
14. "Broken Dream"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  

French version[edit]

Désirs contraires – French standard edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Derrière la porte"   Erick Benzi  
2. "Les champs de peine"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
3. "Un geste d'amour"   Erick Benzi  
4. "Un monde à l'endroit"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
5. "Chaque jour sans fièvre"   Erick Benzi  
6. "Une femme"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
7. "Tu nages"   Erick Benzi  
8. "Mes désirs contraires"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
9. "Marcher sur la mer"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
10. "Tu mens"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
11. "Brume"   Erick Benzi  
12. "Tout peut arriver"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  
13. "Mon privilège"   Erick Benzi, Nicolas Mingot  
14. "Broken Dream"   Anggun, Erick Benzi  


  1. "Still Reminds Me"
  2. "Chrysalis"
  3. "Yang 'Ku Tunggu"
  4. "Tears of Sorrow"

French singles[edit]

  1. "Un geste d'amour"
  2. "Derrière la porte"

Charts and certifications[edit]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Edition(s) Format(s)
Japan[9][10] 30 August 2000 Epic Japan Chrysalis (Japanese edition) CD, cassette
Italy[11] 7 September 2000 Sony Music Italy Chrysalis
France[12] 2 October 2000 Columbia Records Désirs contraires
Germany[13] 30 October 2000 Sony Music Germany Chrysalis


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