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Virus classification
Group: Group III (dsRNA)
Family: Chrysoviridae
Genus: Chrysovirus

Helminthosporium victoriae virus
Penicillium chyrsogenum virus
Penicillium brevicompactum virus
Penicillium cyaneo-fulvum virus
Verticillium dahliae chrysovirus 1

Chrysoviruses are a group of viruses in the Chrysoviridae family. They are Class III double stranded RNA viruses which infect fungi, in particular Penicillium. Their name is derived from the Greek word chrysos which means yellow-green.


The virus particles are non-enveloped and icosohedral with a diameter between 35–40 nm. The genome has three double stranded RNA segments. All have extended highly conserved terminal sequences at both ends.

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