Chrysta Bell

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Chrysta Bell
Born San Antonio, Texas, United States
Genres Dream pop
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, model
Instruments Vocals
Labels La Rose Noire/QQ5
Website Official site

Chrysta Bell (born Chrysta Bell Zucht[1][2][3]) is an American singer, model, and actress.

In September 2011, she released a debut solo album This Train, which was co-written and produced by David Lynch. "This Train" was released independently through La Rose Noire records. The album was officially re-released throughout Europe with additional bonus material on Jan 31, 2014, through the German-based label, QQ5.[4][5] Lynch has called her his "muse"; she practices Transcendental Meditation.[6]

Bell is also an actress. She appeared in the Chinese film Once Upon a Time in China and America (which she was credited under her birth name, Chrysta Bell Zucht), the television series Switched!, and a commercial for the Ford Motor Company.[7][8]


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