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Origin Bognor Regis, England
Genres Ska, Rock, Pop
Years active 2003- (currently on indefinite hiatus)
Website Chub on Myspace
Members Ian Paddington
Richard Clare
Tom Slader
Dave Slader
Sam Wardroper
Liam Charalambous
Past members Pete Broadbridge
Jess Sharratt
Ellie Mason
Sam Lane
Andy Clare

Chub are a six piece ska/rock band from the southcoast of England.


Chub formed in late 2002, when trumpet player Richard Clare and guitarist Ian Paddington wanted to create a band that played their favourite genre of music at the time, Ska. The band convinced their friend Tom Slader to play drums and recruited in Clare's brother Andy to play bass. The lineup was almost complete, when brass band friend Sam Lane offered his services as a trombonist. The band spent several months minus a real lead singer, until Ellis Mason, the then girlfriend of Andy Clare, agreed to sing. The band performed their first gig at a local school hall in July 2003, playing a number of ska covers. After this the band went on to play a number of other gigs that year and began writing their own material. In this time Andy left for university and friend of the band, Pete, joined on bass.

The band carried on playing local venues in 2004 and recorded their first cd in May of that year. The cd was a six track EP titled It's no Joke. Shortly after the cd release, Jess Sharratt joined as trombone player. The band played as a seven piece that summer and played their biggest and furthest gig in Brighton in August 2004. The band then said goodbye to trombonist Sam, who left for university.

Autumn 2004 saw the band change considerably. The last gig played by the original lineup was a headline gig at Havant College in October of that year. Soon after this gig, lead singer Ellie left, due to other commitments. Bassist Pete, soon left after that, deciding to concentrate on his other band Mexicola. The band had previously arranged to appear on a local radio show to promote It's no Joke. The remaining members went on the show, although the bands future was awkward, following the departures. Trombone player Jess was the third to leave in a short period of time, leaving only Ian, Mike and Richard left. The three decided to carry on the band and went about recruiting new members. Bass player Colin was first, who the band knew from local band Taken the Day and through friends. Colin and Mike both then suggested Sam Wardroper as singer, who'd they'd both seen play in local band Mosh Lemon. Sam accepted and fitted into the band immediately. To complete the lineup was Liam, who Richard knew from brass band. The band gelled in no time and wrote lots of new numbers, to add to the already large back catalogue of songs.

In February 2005, the band relaunched at a friends party and it became clear that this new Chub, was the best lineup yet. Chub played a number of gigs up until the end of the summer of 2005. During that time, they released a live cd of a gig in Brighton. Although poor in quality, the cd contained 9 new unreleased songs. The cd was meant as bridge between It's no Joke and a future studio cd from the current lineup. As of September 2007, Chub have yet to release a second studio offering. At the end of the summer Chub had to go their separate ways for a while, as most of the band left for university.

The band returned for a number of gigs in 2006. Playing around the local area, including playing venues such as the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth and winning Havant College Battle of the Bands. In September 2006 the band played their last gig, in Chichester.

The only activity from Chub in 2007, is a music video for the song "Sex Appeal" co-produced by guitarist Ian, for a university project. The video is accompanied by a studio version of the song "Sex Appeal". This can be heard on the band's MySpace.

It's unknown whether Chub will ever return. The band claim they're on indefinite hiatus presently.


  • Ian Paddington: guitar/vocals
  • Richard Clare: trumpet
  • Tom Slader: drums
  • Sam Wardroper: vocals
  • Dave Slader: bass
  • Liam Charalambous: trombone

Other bands[edit]

Chub members have also been involved in other local bands over the years including:

  • Mexicola (Pete Broadbridge)
  • The Arkwrights (Ellie Mason)
  • NE Generation (Tom Slader, Pete Broadbridge)
  • Eskimo Stereo (Tom Slader)
  • The Kid Jones (Tom Slader)
  • Mosh Lemon (Sam Wardroper)
  • Articulo 10/Taken the Day (Colin Ingram)


Year Album Label
2004 It's no Joke (EP) self-released
2005 Live from the Pressure Point, Brighton self-released


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