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For other uses, see Chuck (disambiguation).

Chuck is a masculine given name or a nickname for Charles. It may refer to:


Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Chuck Berry (born 1926), American rock and roll musician
  • Chuck Close (born 1940), American painter and photographer
  • Chuck Comeau (born 1979), Canadian drummer
  • Chuck D (born 1960), stage name of Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, American rapper
  • Chuck Garric, rock bassist of Alice Cooper.
  • Chuck Leavell (born 1952), American pianist and keyboardist
  • Chuck Mangione (born 1940), American flugelhorn player and composer
  • Chuck Norris (born 1940), American martial artist, actor and media personality
  • Chuck Palahniuk (born 1962), American novelist and freelance journalist
  • Chuck Schuldiner (1967–2001), American singer, songwriter, and guitarist
  • Chuck Woolery (born 1941), American actor, singer and game show host


  • Chuck Bennett (1907–1973), American football player and coach
  • Chuck Carney (1900–1984), American football and basketball player
  • Chuck Detwiler (born 1947), Chuck Detwiler
  • Chuck Dressen (1898–1966), an American third baseman, manager and coach in professional baseball
  • Chuck Drulis (1918–1972), American football player and coach
  • Chuck Ealey (born 1950), former American Canadian football player
  • Chuck Fusina (born 1957), former American college and professional football player
  • Chuck Gelatka (1914–2001), American football player
  • Chuck Liddell (born 1969), American mixed martial artist and former UFC champion
  • Chuck Long (born 1963), American football coach
  • Chuck McKinley (1941–1986), American men’s amateur tennis player
  • Chuck Taylor (salesman) (1901–1969), American basketball player and shoe salesman/evangelist
  • Chuck Weatherspoon (born 1968), American football player


  • Chuck Fager (born 1942), American activist, author, editor, publisher, and prominent member of the Religious Society of Friends
  • Chuck Grassley (born 1933), senior United States Senator from Iowa, serving since 1981
  • Chuck Hagel (born 1946), United States Secretary of Defense since 2013
  • Chuck Kleckley (born 1960), businessman and politician in Louisiana


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