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Chuckles candies

Chuckles is a confectionery produced by Heides Quality Candies. Chuckles are jelly candies coated with a light layer of sugar. They come in five flavors: cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and licorice.[1] Each package of Chuckles contains one piece of each flavor, in the order cherry, lemon, licorice, orange, lime. The candies are made with corn syrup, sugar, modified and unmodified cornstarch, and natural and artificial flavors and colors.

The Chuckles brand was first produced in 1921 by Fred W. Amend. The only factory was in Danville, IL. Nabisco bought the Chuckles Company in 1970. A management buyout occurred in 1986, and the company was quickly acquired by Leaf. Leaf's US properties were sold to The Hershey Company in 1996, and Hershey sold Chuckles to Farley's & Sathers in 2002, and merged with Ferrara Pan in 2012, forming the Ferrara Candy Company.

The standard pack of Chuckles has five colors: red, green, yellow, orange, and black. With colors such as red indicating the flavor cherry, and green indicated the flavor of lime. Some packs contain only a just single type of flavor, most popular being the cherry flavor. [2]

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