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Flag of Chulucanas
Chulucanas is located in Peru
Location of in Peru
Coordinates: 05°05′46″S 80°09′53″W / 5.09611°S 80.16472°W / -5.09611; -80.16472Coordinates: 05°05′46″S 80°09′53″W / 5.09611°S 80.16472°W / -5.09611; -80.16472
Country  Peru
Region Piura Region
Province Morropón
District Chulucanas District

Chulucanas is a town in Morropón Province, Piura Region, Peru.[1] It lies in the Piura Valley just north of the confluence of the Charanal River[2] with the Piura River.[3] Chulucanas is the administrative seat for both Chulucanas District and Morropón Province.

Chulucanas pottery comes in Black & white and different colours.

The town is famous for its pottery. Originally dating from pre-Inca times it is today exported all over the world.[4] It is one of seven products that the Peruvian government supports through its Center for Technological Innovation (CITE).[5] Designs are varied, but are predominated by black and white. There are several bigger companies but a lot of small manufactures are in Chulucanas itself and in the nearby village of Quatro Esquinas.

A major festival for the town is the Fiesta de Cristo Resucitad at Easter.[6]

Operating in Chulucanas is Victor's Vision, a nonprofit organization which provides supplemental academic and personal support, guidance, and resources to bright, impoverished youth.[7]

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