Chunlan Cup

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The Chunlan Cup is a Go competition.


The Chunlan Cup is an international Go tournament sponsored and hosted by The Chunlan Group of China. 24 players are chosen as follows:

The 24 players are shortened to 16 after the first round. The top 8 players are qualified for the next round while the bottom 8 play each other in a knockout tournament. The komi is 5.5 points with 3 hour time limits. The winner's purse is 1,000,000 Yuan ($170,000).

Past winners and runners-up[edit]

Year Nat. Winner Score Nat. Runner-up
1999 South Korea Cho Hunhyun 2–1 South Korea Lee Chang-ho
2000 Japan O Rissei 2–1 China Ma Xiaochun
2001 South Korea Yoo Changhyuk 2–1 Japan O Rissei
2003 South Korea Lee Chang-ho 2–0 Japan Hane Naoki
2005 South Korea Lee Chang-ho 2–1 China Zhou Heyang
2007 China Gu Li 2–0 China Chang Hao
2009 China Chang Hao 2–0 South Korea Lee Chang-ho
2011 South Korea Lee Sedol 2-1 China Xie He
2013 China Chen Yaoye 2-1 South Korea Lee Sedol