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조선불교청년회 취지서.jpg
Hangul 춘성
Revised Romanization Choonsung
McCune–Reischauer Chunseong
Pen name
Hangul 춘성 or 무애도인
Hanja or
Revised Romanization Mooaedoin
McCune–Reischauer Muaedoin

Chunseong(korean:춘성, hanja:春城, born Lee Changrim (이창림, 李昌林) March 30, 1891 – August 22, 1977) was a South Korean Buddhist monk, scholar, poet, writer, and philosopher. His nickname was Mooaedoin (무애도인, 無碍道人) or Chunseong (춘성, 春性).[1]

Early life[edit]

Chunsong was born in Sokchang, Inje county in Gangwon Province, in 1891. His father and mother were Lee In-oh (이인오, 李仁五) and Lady Park of Milyang (밀양박씨). He was the oldest of four brothers. Chunsongs family was Pyungchang Lee clean(평창이씨, 平昌李氏), but his line was fall to pieces, his family were poor farmers, his father Lee In-oh was a tenant farmer. Chunsong birth name was Lee Changrim (이창림, 李昌林), but Chunsong (춘성, 春城) was Buddhism Baptism names, ather nickname was Chunsong (춘성 春性). so his call Chunsong Chunsong (春城 春性).[2]

Early Monk life[edit]

early years Chunsong went to Baikdam temple(백담사), a famous Buddhism temple in Inje. Chunsong pleaded to be a pupil, but abbess Manhae Han Yong-un(만해 한용운, 萬海 韓龍雲) was withdraw, because his years youthful. his years 15years aged, he was monk to Buddhism, his teaching to Manhae Han Yong-un. that he was raindays long time stand to beseech receive of pupil.[3]

Chunsong was Read through of Hwaumgyong(화엄경, 華嚴經), Geumganggyong(금강경, 金剛經). he was recite backwards of Hwaumgyong. so his nickname was Hwaum priest (화엄법사, 華嚴法師). first monk years he was movernment to Buddhism study monk and preach religions.

Pupil of Manhae[edit]

In November 1918, he was Participation to magazine Yusim, his teacher Han Yong-un's founding magazine news. In March 1, 1919, occurrence to march 1 movement. he was send private supplies to a prisoner to his teacher.[4] but he was disposal of Buddhism temple's land and land, propertys. that Manhae Han Yong-un was angry, WTFDYTYA you was get rid of temple's land and possessions? your was nothing my students. later Chunsong was introduce oneself to 'I am nothing teacher' said.

so that times, Han Yong-un was pass over to more secret paper, Chunsong was post distribution for Provisional Government of Korea, In Sanghai. In 1920, he was appoint to abbess of Mangwol Temple, Shinheung Temple. In 1925 to 1935s he was doctrine and Buddhist scriptures instruction attendance to mink Baik Yongseong(백용성, 白龍成).

His famous joke[edit]

My from to moms vagina[edit]

Korea under Japanese rule time, he was go to a mountin, lawless Cutting down.[3] he was arrest to Japanese police office or forest management office. Japanese police question 'What's your from'. but his said 'I am from to my mothers vigina[5]'. Chunseong was answer for Continuation. angryd police to ‘nothing prank, your original domidomicile.' his answer to 'I am original domidomicile for my fathers penis[6]'.[3] long time to police question and Chunsongs answer was replay. finally fatigue police was acquit for him. he was said to they was not explanation to speech.

Jesus resurrection[edit]

one days, he was go to Busan and return to Seoul. an Bus embarking, some Christianity mania was fanatical evangelization, one Christianity mania was his Disputation. that Christianity mania was Jesus was one die and one resurrection, but Buddha was death. resurrection? so Chunsongs said what? Jesus was one die and one resurrection? My penis was Several thousand die and Several thousand resurrection. that time later, you are trust to my penis. dishonor mania evangelization was speedily run away.[7]

one electric car embarking, Chunsong was go to Bulgwangdong in Goyang and return to his temple Uijongun Mangwolsa. he was meet to Christianity mania was fanatical evangelizations. that time ather Christianity mania was said to Jesus was one die and one resurrections. Chunsong said, What? what is die and revival? I see My penis was more die and more revival! ather passenger was burst and Christianity mania was urgency get out.

Living of practice asceticism[edit]

whole life Chunsong was living to without quilt and coverlet. quilt's Korean language spelling to Yibul (이불).[3] because Chunsong was Yibul spelling resemble to Yibul (이불, 離佛, to separate Buddha).[3] In 1940s he was cooperation withdraw for Military government of Japanese. so he was refuse for Sōshi-kaimei(창씨개명, 創氏改名).

In 1944, he was go to Doksungsan Sudeok Temple, that he studying for Mangong Song Wolmyon (만공 송월면, 萬空 宋月面).[3] Mangong was top of Korean Ganhwaseon(看話禪, 간화선). so he was drill to Silence train for Mangong. In 1946 he was return to Mangwol Tample. long time age Chunsong was jeer for hypocrisy, rigorism, pretended philanthropist, Formalism to his death. In July 1949, he was participation for funerals for Baikbum Kim Gu(백범김구 국민장, 白凡金九 國民葬).

Jung daejang[edit]

he was sometimes drink to Beer or ferment liquor(막걸리, Korean ferment Alcoholic liquor), ather Alcoholic liquor. that call to grain drink (곡차, 穀茶 or 曲茶) for he was drink, otherwise he was not drink.

some dawn, he was more Alcoholic liquor drink later go to temple. police was who is this.[4] Chunsong said I am Jungdaejang! police to what your Jungdaejang? your nothing monk? he was more Alcoholic liquor monk is me, so I am Jungdaejang (중대장, 中隊長) said.[4] company was Korean language spelling Jungdae (중대, 中隊) and military captain to Korean language spelling was Jungdaejang. also Buddhism monk is Korean language spelling to Jung(중, 僧). commander was Korean spelling was Daejang.

Later Korean war[edit]

he was header of Mangwol temple(망월사, 望月寺). In 1950, Korean war. he was noting escape secretly and saved to Mangwol temple. the end Korean war, return to more monk was bashfulness. "it likes dog penis, welcome"(야 이 개좃같은 놈아. 잘 왔다). he was segue unwritten law.

some he was see to a begger, Chunsong was take off and give to his Clothes. so he was concealment for Perimeter dressing room, to that days night. also he was walking go temple to late days dawn. later Korean war, he was saveto Ganhwaseon tradition and Mangwol Temple. 1950s he was successive to abbess of Mangwol Temple, Shinheung Temple, Bomun Temple.

Your inside[edit]

one old age miss of listen to his Buddhism lecture, her was to wear miniskirt. but he was the girls to said. Your small inside to how My Big 것 introduce go inside. that old age miss crying 'you is nonsense monk'.[3]

old age miss cry and return to hers home. also her was speak to conversation of Chunsung for hers grandmother. hers grandmother to said monks big meaning how you was to a deep understand? old age miss was to understand for the first time.[3]

Last years[edit]

In 1960s, South Korean regent to Park Chung-hee, Chunsong was without a hitch criticism. In 1964, he was invitation to Chungwadae(청와대, 靑瓦臺). Park Chung-hee's wife Yuk Young-su was devout Buddhism follower. Chunsong was special guest and said, "that day's was Lady Yuk's born to hers mothers vagina", inclosure was panic.[4] so one ather lecture time, Chunsong for Yuk Young-su said, "You is date for me".[4] that was cause sb to burst out laughing more peoples.

In 1970, he was go to Mangwol temple. In May 1970 to 1973 he was practice asceticism for Jangjabulwa (장좌불와, 長坐不臥), In 1973, he was Participation for without an accident drive and anti drinking drive.

ordinary times Chunsong was without a hitch speak to Insulting language and more dirty jokes, smut so drink to alcoholic liquor. his extraordinary motion was market topic In 1977, he was death, Mangwolsa In Uijongbu. aged 77, Religion aged 54.


Chunsong was Thoroughly of nonpossession ideologi.[3] his follower given to Clothes. but he was travel for see to begger and vagrants, so he was take off and given to his Clothes.[3] so he was keep close of public restroom return to temple, going on foot for midnight or next day daybreak.

so temple believer was Give to money for him. but he was generously given to ather peoples, begger and vagrants.[3] he was supply his living expenses and foodstuffs to directly husbandry of temples possessive lands.

death late[edit]

Chunsong was parent's last request, funeral ceremony to simple. his funerals was without of coffin, so cover of straw mat for his corpse. also pile cremation. his funerals time, abbreviation of funeral march, more Buddhist monk was sing a song grieve of traveller(나그네 설움), his ordinary times one´s favorite song. his ashes enshrine of Temple Bongkuk, in Seongnam City.


an lecture main subject title was real guy was ending precipice for give up (현애철수장부아, 懸崖撤收丈夫兒). one Young man was a question. ending precipice was give up, Next? said. he was said, he it Son of bitch, I was know actions to effect Know for me.

an student monk was a question. thecher, your death late, without Sari (사리, 舍利). how do more follower disappointment? Chunsong said, 'I living for show whom'.

his death after long time was Chunsong's name was mention of social taboo for South Korea, because his inexorable Words and actions. also social influence of Confucianism. so that taboo came untangled to 1990's, but In 2002, Doal Kim Yong-ok was introduction of his anecdote for EBS TV's one program.[8][9] that time to more social stricture, issue. later 2004 South Korean broadcasting was gobetween and News communicate to his Words and actions.[8]


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