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Coordinates: 61°59′34″N 132°25′54″E / 61.99278°N 132.43167°E / 61.99278; 132.43167

Churapcha (Russian: Чурапча́) is a rural locality (a selo) and the administrative center of Churapchinsky District in the Sakha Republic, Russia. Population: 8,769 (2010 Census);[1] 7,526 (2002 Census);[2] 6,232 (1989 Census).[3]


It is located 178 kilometers (111 mi) east of the republic's capital of Yakutsk along the basin of the Aldan River (a tributary of the Lena).


It was founded in 1725 after opening the road (trakt) from Yakutsk to Okhotsk, which was supposed to allow post and trade to reach the Sea of Okhotsk. The road passed through very rough and isolated terrain and was never fully operational, eventually being officially closed in 1852. In 1930, Churapcha became the administrative center of Churapchinsky District and soon thereafter was connected by road to the outside world through the construction of the Kolyma Highway.


The Kolyma Highway from Yakutsk to Magadan runs through Churapcha.


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