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For the fast food chain, see Church's Chicken. For other uses, see Church's (disambiguation).
Church's Shoes
Type Private
Industry Retail
Founded 1873
Headquarters Northampton, England
Products Shoes
Church's works in St James Road, Northampton
Native American Indian on the front office of the building - see St. James End, Northampton

Church’s is a high-end English footwear manufacturer founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons.[1] During the 1990s the company came under the control of Prada which bought 83% of the company at US$170 million. Prada later sold a 45% stake to Equinox, a private investment fund.

Over time, the little family business grew into a corporation currently employing nearly 700 people.

Its main installations are located in the St James area of Northampton, with an estimated production capacity of 5,000 pairs per week, 70% of which are exported all over the world. Besides production sold to resellers and individual customers, the company also has several of its own retail stores, including one in Jermyn Street, London, George Street, Edinburgh, and Pacific Place, Hong Kong.

Currently[when?], the market ambition of the company is to further expand itself in the high quality footwear sector and to introduce new clothing and accessory lines.

During Pierce Brosnan's tenure as James Bond, various selections of dress shoes from the Church's range were used in production. Lindy Hemming, who was the costume designer explained the choice of Church's shoes as having the appropriate weight to complement the silhouette of the tailored Brioni suits she had commissioned for Bond.

Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, has a "lucky pair" of Church's shoes that he wore to every session of parliamentary "question time."[2]


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