Church of San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista, Santianes de Pravia

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Church of St. John Apostle and Evangelist
Iglesia de San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista(Spanish)
Santianes de Pravia - 04.jpg
Basic information
Location Santianes de Pravia, Spain
Geographic coordinates 43°30′07.02″N 6°05′56.92″W / 43.5019500°N 6.0991444°W / 43.5019500; -6.0991444
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Asturias
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Church
Website Official Website
Architectural description
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Pre-Romanesque
Groundbreaking 774
Completed 783

St. John Apostle and Evangelist (Spanish: Iglesia de San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista) is a Roman Catholic Asturian pre-Romanesque church situated in Santianes de Pravia, northern Spain.

Cultural references[edit]

Foundation stone in the form of a letter labyrinth: Silo princeps fecit
Painting of Salvador Dalí inspired by the foundation stone.

The foundation stone in the form of a letter labyrinth ("Silo Princeps Fecit") inspired the hypercube of Salvador Dalí's painting A Propos of the "Treatise on Cubic Form" by Juan de Herrera, housed in the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid.

The inscription Silo princeps fecit singularly combined in fifteen horizontal lines and nineteen perpendicular columns of letters. The T forms the beginning and the end of the first and last line in consequence of which the name Silo is not to be found till the eighth line and the S which begins it is exactly in the centre of that line and of the tenth column thus the name is in the shape of a cross as the letters above below and on each side of the S form the word Silo.

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