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The Church of Tonga (Siasi ʻo Tonga) is one of the churches in Tonga. It is located in the capital Nukuʻalofa.

It was established in 1928 by those members who did not agree to the unification in 1924 of the Wesleyan mission and the Free church into the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, and they also did not agree with the schism of 1928 when the Free Church of Tonga broke away. So they broke away too, and were fully established the year after, 1929.

To avoid confusion with the Free Church of Tonga, this church is colloquially known as the Church of the Lords.[citation needed]

After the death of Siaosi Fīnau Mīsini in 1938, his son, Siaosi Tangata ʻo Haʻamea became the next president, until he died too in 1960. It is remarkable that despite that Vavaʻu is the estate of ʻUlukālala, the Church of Tonga is only very small there.