Church of the Nativity, Tiraspol

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Nativity Church in Tiraspol

The Nativity Church, also known as the Cathedral of the Birth of Christ, is the largest and newest church in Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria. It is a Russian Orthodox Church completed in 1999 to serve as the Mother Church of the Orthodox Christian Diocese of Tiraspol.

Celebrations marking the completion of the cathedral included, among other things, the issuing of a series of postage stamps featuring the church (see Transnistrian stamps issued for Christmas 1999). In 2001, the cathedral's image was displayed on the principal coins struck for a commemorative series of gold and silver currency featuring Orthodox Temples of Transnistria.

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Coordinates: 46°50′15″N 29°36′52″E / 46.8375°N 29.6144°E / 46.8375; 29.6144