Church of the Seven Apostles

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Church of the Seven Apostles
Basic information
Location Israel Capernaum, Israel
Affiliation Greek Orthodox Church
Architectural description
Completed 1931
Dome(s) 7

The Church of the Seven Apostles (Hebrew: כנסיית השליחים, Knessiath haShlichim Greek language: Εκκλησία Αποστόλων) is a Greek Orthodox church located at the shore of the Sea of Galilee near Capernaum (Kefar Nachum) in Israel.


The church marks the site of the ancient village of Capernaum which is an important place in Christianity. The village is frequently mentioned in the Gospels and was Jesus' main base during his Galilean ministry. It is referred to as Jesus' own city and a place where he lived. It was in the synagogue of Capernaum where he first started to preach.[1]

This church is dedicated to the seven apostles, as mentioned in the Gospel of John.[2]


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Coordinates: 32°52′55″N 35°34′38″E / 32.88184°N 35.577335°E / 32.88184; 35.577335