Churches of Christ (non-Restoration Movement)

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Churches of Christ
Classification Christian
Orientation New Testament
Polity Congregationalist

The Churches of Christ (non-Restoration Movement) are Christian groups of autonomous congregations using the name "church of Christ" which have no historical association with the Restoration Movement. These groups are characterized by an emphasis on basing doctrine and practice on the Bible alone in order to restore the New Testament church established by Christ.

History in Central Europe[edit]

Hans Godwin Grimm, author of the book Tradition and History of the Early Churches of Christ In Central Europe, was born in 1899[1]:41 and wrote that in March 1955 he met for the first time in his life "a member of the restored churches of Christ of America." Grimm continued, saying, "What he had to tell me was not other than the faith of my ancestors which I had taught and practiced all my life. ... the American Restoration Movement had been totally unknown to us."[1]:42

Worship and devotion[edit]

Key features of the church's worship are the weekly celebration of the Lord's Supper presided over by one or more of the men of the church and believer's baptism.


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