Churchlands Senior High School

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Churchlands Senior High School
Aim High & Achieve
Perth, W.A, Australia
Type Public School
Established 1962
Principal Neil Hunt
Associate Principals Paul Housley
& Bernie Dunn
Enrolment 1566 students (20 April 2014)[1]
Campus Churchlands
Colour(s) Teal, navy blue, gold and red

Churchlands Senior High School is a state co-educational school in Churchlands, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, approximately ten minutes from the central business district.[2]


Churchlands Senior High School was founded in 1962. It has established a tradition of excellence built on the academic, musical, cultural and sporting achievements of its students. Since 1972 Churchlands has been one of the leading music schools in Western Australia and its specialist music program is highly sought after by students across the state. Principal Neil Hunt was one of 4 finalists in the 2009 WA Education Principal of the Year Awards.[3]

Litany of tragedies

Although the school has an excellent record in education, music and sport, the school has also been hit by a series of tragedies.

On 6 November 1991, a female student was murdered in class when she was stabbed 18 times by her ex-boyfriend.[4][5]

On 26 May 1997, the majority of the school was burnt down in a failed attempt to destroy evidence of a break-in. The school was largely rebuilt after spending a few years using demountable classrooms.

On 14 August 2008, the administration block was badly damaged by fire as a result of arson, and demountable offices were brought in to the school.[6] The time taken for refurbishment from the time of the fire until completion was over 13 months.

Extensive damage was caused to school property by a record breaking storm on 22 March 2010. The school was closed for 2 days while sufficient repairs were carried out. Damage included flooded classrooms, roof collapse and damage to school supplies. Other schools such as Shenton College also suffered damage and were closed until the term break.

The school was heavily vandalised by students during Muck Up Day celebrations in 2011 when the graduating Year 12 students poured fertiliser, dog food and eggs in the swimming pool, glued doors shut and sprayed cooking oil around the school.[7] The students involved were sent home and many graduation activities were cancelled as a result.[8]

Academic status[edit]

Churchlands Senior High School holds a high standard of academic results. Students have received many major awards, including two Rhodes Scholarships[9] and on three occasions, the Beazley Medal. In 2004 Churchlands introduced the 'Gifted and Talented' and the Accelerated Learning Programmes to reinforce the current high standards.

For the 2009 TEE, Churchlands was the highest ranked public school, based on the number of students who scored 75% or more over four subjects. For the 2008 TEE, Churchlands was the second-highest ranked public school, based on the number of students who scored 75% or more over four subjects.[10]

Year % +75 in WACE[i] State ranking[ii] % +65 in WACE[iii] State ranking % graduation[iv]
2013 17.61 14 43.48 17 96.85[11]
2012 20.20 14 49.18 16 98.70[12]
2011 22.87 11 56.86 15 100[13]
2010 18.57 17 58.12 20 97.46[14]
2009 10 6 97.88[15]
  1. ^ Based on the number of Stage 3 course enrolments in the school where a WACE course score of 75 or above was achieved
  2. ^ Ranking of school compared to other schools in the state
  3. ^ Based on the number of Stage 3 course enrolments in the school where a WACE course score of 65 or above was achieved
  4. ^ Percentage of Year 12 cohort that graduated with a WACE certificate


Churchlands Senior High School is one of three schools in Perth to offer a selective entry music program. The two other schools are John Curtin College of the Arts and Perth Modern School. The school educators teach music at an elite level, encompassing many methods of teaching. Churchlands is renowned for its music, with all ensembles being well represented at their respective festivals. The students involved in the program perform regularly for school concerts and numerous extra curricular performances. Prospective students are auditioned early in their final year of Primary School with successful students being awarded a place in the Gifted and Talented Music Program. This entitles them to individual instrumental lessons. Students who are not successful may be offered places in either the Special Music Option or General Music courses where they are provided with group lessons.

The completion of the music department has been finally approved and construction is expected to be finished by 2011. The new elements will be directly connected to the existing music building. After construction the music facility will be twice as big as the existing music building. The construction was originally intended to start in the mid-1990s.

Music tour[edit]

Churchlands embarks on an international music tour every 3 years. In 2009, the group of 169 music students travelled and performed at Long Island, New York (Manhattan), Potsdam/Canton(Crane School of music), Montreal, Quebec city, the Niagara district and Toronto, Canada. The most recent tour was in 2012 where students traveled to Ireland, Belgium and France. On this tour, students represented Australia by performing at the Villers-Bretonneux ANZAC day dawn service.

Enrolment patterns[edit]

Enrolment Patterns
Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Totals
2001 238 216 265 290 279 1,288
2002 249 256 235 301 284 1,325
2003 242 270 285 288 244 1,353
2004 305 253 291 299 255 1,403
2005 361 318 295 318 280 1,572
2006 346 389 338 295 282 1,650
2007 357 355 397 365 290 1,764
2008 319 370 366 422 320 1,797
2009 298 320 385 374 389 1,766
2011 294 128 312 356 361 1,451

Notable former students[edit]

Academia & science[edit]


Rhodes Scholars[edit]

Art, entertainment and media[edit]


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