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Coin of the Chutu ruler Mulananda c. 125-345 CE. Lead Karshapana 14.30g. 27 mm.
Obv.: Arched hill/stupa with river motif below.
Rev.: Tree within railed lattice, triratana to right.

The Chutu dynasty (Kannada: ಚುಟು) ruled parts of the Deccan region of South India in the 1st century BCE to 3rd century AD with its capital at Banavasi in modern Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state. The Chutus were a feudatory dynasty of the Satavahanas. With the exception of the edicts of Asoka, the inscriptions of the Chutu dynasty are the oldest documents found in the northern part of Karnataka State.[1]

Their coins are mostly of lead, belonging to Mulananda circa AD 125-345. One coin shows Arched hill (or Stupa?) with river motif below on the Obverse and Tree within railed lattice; nandipada to right on the Reverse.[2]

Main kings[edit]


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