Chuvash National Museum

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Chuvash National Museum
Чăваш наци музейĕ
Cheboksary Chuvah National Museum.jpg
Established 1921
Location 5 Red Square, Cheboksary, Russia
Director Irina P. Menshikov
Public transit access trolleybus

The Chuvash National Museum in Cheboksary, Russia, is a cultural, educational and research center of the Chuvash Republic. Founded in 1921,[1] it is the largest repository of natural, historical, cultural and theological artefacts of the Chuvash people and other ethnic groups.


The museum has four branches:

The museum also houses the Society for the Study of the Native Land, an association of ethnographers that introduces the life and culture of the Chuvash people to the population of the Republic.

There are 160,000 pieces in the museum.[2]

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