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Cibara is a form of Buddhist religion, a religious rite, which is generally in accordance with these days usually Bengali candrapanjika prabarana moon within one month of celebrations are observed at any convenient time. This event is primarily a Buddhist bhiksuderake.Three-cibara is for special dress donations. Dharmabalambigana punyera come every year to make a donation if cibarasaha bhiksudera needs other accessory components.[1]

Three Cibara[edit]

Three-cibara is a four-piece wearing cloth, which includes doyajika, underwear, cibara and katibandhani.[1] This is a dress to wear to the Buddhist bhiksudera. Time every year, usually starting from the full moon through the asarhi Dress Buddhist bhiksuderake are. This dress is woven to create prastutisbarupa first cotton seed, then collect the balance, it is to spin, the color is sutaya plant - herb or fruit to create the color of skin, and Finally, various rite and religious rules - The 4-hourly to comply with law, that is created within one day of this three-cibara. Bain or The Dress bonaya used to create cloth weaving bamse frame. But at the same time, four cloth bune are beine. It's 4 hours from such sacred cibara, Buddhist bhiksudera hand is strictly a religious formality in the way cibara been physical - verbal and mental labor more productive in the Buddhist scriptures that there is a public high parisrame the cibara, Buddhist bhiksuderake to give the And for some reason does not work and welfare, bai pratidanahinabhabe ejatiya will help to spread the message of peace in a society that Buddhism.


However, the time of Gautama Buddha bisakha, Buddhas within one day, thus creating the cibara. The result is it 'difficult to give cibara' event.


India Tripura, state agaratalaya benubana Bihar (Venuban bihar) is difficult to give cibara. The traditional practices of its functions, as well as donations pursuant cibara kalpataru - to thread through the book, pen, notes, etc., tied to the community for the full manobancha. Here the festival is usually prabarana moon at any convenient time within one month of celebrations are observed.[citation needed][2]


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