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The Ciboney were pre-Columbian indigenous inhabitants of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.[1] The name Ciboney derives from the Taíno language, in which it means "cave dwellers"; evidence has shown that a number of the Ciboney people lived in caves at some time.[1]


Over the years, many theories have been brought forth as to how the Ciboney people arrived to the Caribbean. Many of these theories have a weak foundation due to insufficient evidence. It is explained in the book Liberties Lost: Caribbean Indigenous Societies and Slave Systems (2004), "The most popular view now is that the Ciboney were from pre-farming cultures that entered the Antilles from South America, not as one ethnic group, but as waves of different migrants over a very long period of time."[2] Study of genetic specimens seems to support this South American origin, and possibly Central American, as well.[3]

When the Europeans arrived, the Ciboney had already been driven by their powerful Taíno neighbors to western Hispaniola (Haiti) and western Cuba.[1] The Ciboney of Cuba and Hispaniola were culturally different from each other; those of Cuba went by the name Guanajatabey. Within a century after European contact, the Ciboney were extinct.[citation needed]

The Ciboney languages are unattested apart from a single word of Guanajatabey.


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