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Cilvaringz in 2014
Background information
Birth name Tarik Azzougarh
Born (1979-01-29) January 29, 1979 (age 35)
Dordrecht, Netherlands
Genres Hip hop
Occupations Record producer, rapper
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1992-current
Labels Wu-Tang Records / Universal
Associated acts Wu-Tang Clan

Tarik Azzougarh, better known as Cilvaringz, is a rapper, executive manager and hip hop producer associated with the Wu-Tang Clan. He was discovered by Ol' Dirty Bastard and Method Man at a Wu-Tang Clan concert in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on May 26, 1997. After impressing Ol' Dirty Bastard with a live freestyle on stage he was introduced to The RZA who signed him to Wu-Tang Records in 1999.

Cilvaringz became the first official non American affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan which at the time was unheard of and lead to mass coverage in most of Europe's major media outlets. From 2002 till 2006 he toured the world as the official opening act of The RZA, Method Man & Redman, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. On April 9, 2007 he released his first solo album I through five different record labels around the world. Since 2008, he has been working under the patronage of The RZA on a yet untitled album. The album features Redman, FC Barcelona soccer players Eric Abidal and Jose Pinto.[citation needed]

Wu-Tang Clan & Cilvaringz [2004]

RPEG Ltd[edit]

Since 2002 Cilvaringz has been running his entertainment company RPEG Ltd which managed the careers of Arab rappers Salah Edin, Eslam Jawaad, Ledr P aka Palestine and producer Focus..., the son of Chic bassist Bernard Edwards and the only producer signed to Dr.Dre's imprint Aftermath Music / Interscope. In managing their careers Cilvaringz's company collaborated with De La Soul, Damon Albarn, IAM, Sefyu, DJ Khalil, Mala Rodriguez and many others.

In 2007, RPEG Ltd served as the executive producer for Salah Edin's debut album Nederlands Grootste Nachtmerrie which became the most controversial album in the history of Dutch Hiphop and won the Best Dutch Album Award for 2007 in the Netherlands.

Later on that year, Jive/Epic France and RPEG Ltd collaborated on the production of French artist La Fouine's second album Aller-Retour. Producer Focus... produced the majority of the album which has since reached Gold status.

Cilvaringz closed the year by appearing together with Ghostface Killah on the theme song of the Irish cartoon Skunk Fu, which aired on BBC and Disney channels around the world.

In 2008, RPEG Ltd and lawyer Margriet Koedooder sued Dutch politician Geert Wilders for wrongfully portraying the image of its artist Salah Edin in the controversial anti-Islam movie Fitna. The court ruled in favor of Salah Edin and he was awarded 10.000 euros in copyright infringement and defamation damages. It was the first time Geert Wilders had lost a lawsuit. The case was widely covered in international media.


Cilvaringz portrayed a small role in the movie Shouf Shouf Habibi.

The song Siasa by Salah Edin featuring Eslam Jawaad and Cilvaringz was used by film director Gavin Hood in the movie Rendition starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon.


Cilvaringz is a member and co-founder of the Arabic rap collective ARAP which consists of Eslam Jawaad, Shadia Mansour, Palestine aka Ledr P, The Narcicyst, DJ Van, DJ Lady S, DJ Lethal Skillz and producer Mohalim. ARAP is a collective of the most prominent Arabic Hip Hop artists in the world, based on an initiative started by Moroccan rapper Salah Edin who later left the group.


Cilvaringz lives in the outskirts of Marrakech, Morocco on the Wu-Atlas Estate, a 2 acre plot facing the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

He is Dutch of Moroccan descent and is married to a British teacher with whom he has one daughter.

He is a practicing Muslim but does not follow any particular ideology within Islam.


Instrumental albums[edit]

  • The Mental Chamberz (Official internet release, 2001)
  • The 3rd Chamber (Unofficial internet leak, 2002)

Official albums[edit]

  • I (Wu-Tang Records / RPEG Ltd 2007)
  • Untitled Wu-Tang Album (TBA / 2014)

Wu-Tang appearances[edit]

20. Cousins feat. Doc Gyneco & Cilvaringz
13. Woodchuck feat. Royal Fam, North Star, Black Knights & Cilvaringz
06. Chi Kung feat. Beretta 9 & Cilvaringz
07. You'll Never Know feat. Cilvaringz
Bonus DVD Video * Chi Kung feat. The RZA, Beretta 9 & Cilvaringz
Skunk Fu [Main Theme]


01. Guerilla Hood
10. A Lil' Story
03. Silver Rings feat. Ghostface Killah
All Songs.

Executive production[edit]

Nederlands Grootste Nachtmerrie (Top Notch / Universal, 2007)
  • Cilvaringz
I (Universal / Babygrande / Top Notch / Entak Japan / Nocturne France, 2007)
The Mammoth Tusk (Eslamaphobic Records, 2009)
Horr (Top Notch / Universal / Fassiphone, 2009)
Untitled (TBA, 2014)

Other appearances[edit]

06. Cousins feat. The RZA & Cilvaringz
10. Dutch Touch feat. Extince, Furiuz Stylez, Masta Lee, Rizky Rough, Roodrunna, Rowdy, Yukkie B & Cilvaringz
06. Get Familiar feat. The RZA, Brooklyn Zu, Prodigal Sunn & Cilvaringz
12. Neckbone feat. The RZA & Cilvaringz
13. Chaos feat. Ali B, Salah Edin, Casablanca Connect & Cilvaringz
15. Shouf Shouf Habibi feat. Brainpower, Casablanca Connect & Cilvaringz
15. Hlash feat. Freeman of IAM, Isam Bachiri of Outlandish, Eslam Jawaad & Cilvaringz
10. Total Dubios feat. Cilvaringz
10. Siasa feat. Salah Edin, Eslam Jawaad & Cilvaringz
33. The Weeping Tiger feat. Raekwon, The RZA, Ghostface Killah & Cilvaringz
10. Lif L'ba Ta Ata feat. Cilvaringz
04. Homage To RZA feat. Blue Raspberry, TheFEW & Cilvaringz
06. Bring The Riots Back feat. Shogun Assasson, Shabazz The Disciple, Christ Bearer & Cilvaringz
07. Man, Woman & Child feat. DomPachino of Killarmy


At RPEG Ltd, Cilvaringz was involved in almost every aspect of his artists' musical career including productions on music videos. He co-directed and wrote treatments for most of the videos released by his artists and worked alongside renowned directors such as Ivan Herrera and SkeeTV's Matt Alonzo. Most of the videos are shot in the Dominican Republic.

Geliefd Om Gehaat Te Worden (Co-Director / Casting / Treatment / Appearing)
Vrouwtje Is Een Bitch (Co-Director / Casting / Acting)
Horr (Director / Treatment / Production / Appearing)
Tfoe [Remix] feat. Sefyu (Co-Director / Treatment / Production / Appearing)
Gena Tahtha Aqdama L'Oumahat (Co-Director / Treatment / Production / Appearing)
Star Spangled Banner (Appearing)
Pivot Widdit (Treatment / Casting / Appearing)


Despite being an independent artist, Cilvaringz managed to perform a remarkable 163 live shows in over 55 countries across five continents. He cites Bulgaria, Chile, Poland and Australia as his favorite places to perform with South Africa, Namibia, Ireland and India as the last few countries remaining on his wishlist.

Cilvaringz and The RZA were the first ever Hip Hop artists to perform live in Bulgaria and Latvia. The sold out Bulgaria show took place at the Winter Palace Of Sports in Sofia on March 20, 2003 with 11.000 people in attendance and 3 million viewers watching a live broadcast of the concert on television. It remains the biggest ever Hip Hop concert in Bulgaria to date. The grand success of the sold out Latvian show started a chain of Hip Hop concerts in the following years.

Cilvaringz decided to stop touring after his last tour with Method Man & Redman in November 2010 to concentrate on his new album and his family.


Erfurt, Germany [June 15] * The Wu-Tang Killa Beez are arrested after their first show for inciting a riot after not being paid by the promoter. Fans set couches on fire and equipment is reported stolen.
Amsterdam, Netherlands [June 16]
Bernburg, Germany [June 19]
Freiburg, Germany [June 20]
Munich, Germany [June 21]
Stuttgart, Germany [June 22]
Vienna, Austria [June 23]
Berlin, Germany [June 25]
Tilburg, Netherlands [June 27]
Wuppertal, Germany [June 28]
Gross Raeschen, Germany [June 29]
Rotterdam, Netherlands [July 02]


Deventer, Netherlands [March 05]
Gent, Belgium [March 06]
Tilburg, Netherlands [March 07]
Erfurt, Germany [March 08] * RZA, Masta Killa and Cilvaringz are taken to the police station by military police for questioning regarding the 2002 incident. After mugshots and fingerprints they're released.
Kassel, Germany [March 09]
Krefeld, Germany [March 10]
Amsterdam, Netherlands [March 11]
Frankfurt, Germany [March 12]
Basel, Switzerland [March 13]
Bolognia, Italy [March 14]
Milan, Italy [March 15]
Zagreb, Croatia [March 16]
Vienna, Austria [March 18]
Sofia, Bulgaria [March 20]
Belgrade, Serbia [March 21]
Budapest, Hungary [March 22]
Prague, Czech Republic [March 23]
Warsaw, Poland [March 25]
Berlin, Germany [March 26]
Hamburg, Germany [March 27]
Malmo, Sweden [March 28]
Aarhus, Denmark [March 29]
Oslo, Norway [March 30]
Stockholm, Sweden [March 31]
Helsinki, Finland [April 02]
Riga, Latvia [April 04]
Budapest, Hungary [May 24]
Seoul, South Korea [22 August]
Hong Kong, China [23 August]
Perth, Australia [27 August]
Sydney, Australia [28 August]
Melbourne, Australia [29 August]
Brisbane, Australia [30 August]
Auckland, New Zealand [01 September]


Warsaw, Poland [March 20]
Villarobledo, Spain [May 01]
Nantes, France [May 07]
Athens, Greece [May 08]
Cairo, Egypt [May 13]
Rome, Italy [May 15]
Fribourg, Switzerland [May 17]
Moscow, Russia [May 18]
St.Petersberg, Russia [May 19]
Tirana, Albania [May 21]
Istanbul, Turkey [May 23]
Santiago, Chile [October 20]
Buenos Aires, Argentina [October 23]
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [December 04]
Penang, Malaysia [December 05]
Jakarta, Indonesia [December 11]


Lille, France [February 24]
Reims, France [February 25]
Morlaix, France [February 26]
London, United Kingdom [August 01]


The Hague, Netherlands [January 20]
Amsterdam, Netherlands [January 21]
Tilburg, Netherlands [January 22]
Paris, France [January 23]
Bordeaux, France [January 26]
Marseille, France [January 27]
Barcelona, Spain [January 28]
Lyon, France [January 29]
Geneva, Switzerland [January 30]
Rastatt, Germany [January 31] * Show is cancelled when military police arrest the Wu-Tang Killa Beez after being accused of extortion by promoter. Cilvaringz wins the court case two months later.
Hamburg, Germany [February 01]
Lund, Sweden [February 02]
Oslo, Norway [February 03]
Stockholm, Sweden [February 04]
Jyvaskyla, Finland [February 05]
Tampere, Finland [February 06]
Kuopio, Finland [February 07]
Tallinn, Estonia [February 08]
Riga, Latvia [February 09]
Sopot, Poland [February 10]
Poznan, Poland [February 11]
Bratislava, Slovakia [February 12]
Budapest, Hungary [February 13]
Sofia, Bulgaria [February 14]
Bucharest, Romania [February 15]
Vienna, Austria [February 17]
Stuttgart, Germany [February 18]
Nove Zamky, Slovakia [October 14]


Amman, Jordan [June 29]
Vancouver, Canada [July 08]
Edmonton, Canada [July 10]
Calgary, Canada [July 12]
Saskatoon, Canada [July 14]
Winnipeg, Canada [July 15]
Toronto, Canada [July 17] * A young Drake is in the crowd watching the concert.
Medellin, Colombia [October 04]
Santiago, Chile [October 06]
Alkmaar, Netherlands [November 23]
Oss, Netherlands [November 24]
Haarlem, Netherlands [November 29]
Heerlen, Netherlands [November 30]
Amstelveen, Netherlands [December 01]


Tilburg, Netherlands [January 18]
Amsterdam, Netherlands [January 24]
Leiden, Netherlands [January 25]
Groningen, Netherlands [February 01]
Purmerend, Netherlands [February 02]


Madrid, Spain [March 16]
Barcelona, Spain [March 17]
Amsterdam, Netherlands [March 18]
Zwolle, Netherlands [March 19]
Tilburg, Netherlands [March 20]
Antwerp, Belgium [March 21]
Hamburg, Germany [March 22]
Aarhus, Denmark [March 23]
Oslo, Norway [March 24]
Copenhagen, Denmark [March 25]
Stockholm, Sweden [March 26]
Helsinki, Finland [March 28]
St.Petersburg, Russia [March 29]
Warsaw, Poland [March 31]
Budapest, Hungary [April 01]
Prague, Czech Republic [April 02]
Munich, Germany [April 03] * Method Man and Cilvaringz are pulled over after police suspect possession of marijuana. The arrest is filmed and reaches over 500.000 YouTube views in 24 hrs.
Zurich, Switzerland [April 04]
Lausanne, Switzerland [April 05]
Lahr, Germany [November 05]
London, United Kingdom [November 07]
Zurich, Switzerland [November 09]
St. Gallen, Switzerland [November 10]
Paris, France [November 11] * Cilvaringz brings out Sefyu for a surprise performance at the legendary Elysee Montmartre
Madrid, Spain [November 12]
Granada, Spain [November 13]
Barcelona, Spain [November 14]
Stuttgart, Germany [November 16]
Zagreb, Croatia [November 17]
Munich, Germany [November 19] * The Bavaria Police Commissioner apologizes for the April 3 arrest described as an embarrassment to German police.
Warsaw, Poland [November 20]
Berlin, Germany [November 22]
Hamburg, Germany [November 23]
Aarhus, Denmark [November 24]
Oslo, Norway [November 26]
St.Petersberg, Russia [November 27]
Moscow, Russia [November 28]


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