Cincinnati Volksfreund

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Cincinnati Volksfreund
Cincinnati Weekly Volksfreund
Type Daily and weekly newspaper
Owner(s) Various (see prose)
Founder(s) Joseph A. Hemann
Founded 1850
Political alignment Democratic Party
Language German
Ceased publication 1908
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
OCLC number 9664107

The Cincinnati Volksfreund was a daily and weekly German-language newspaper based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and published between 1850 and 1908. The newspaper's offices were located on the southwest corner of Vine and Longworth streets.[1]

The paper was founded in October 1850 by Joseph A. Hemann and his editorials began appearing in March 1853 in the weekly edition called the Cincinnati Wöchentlicher Volksfreund. Originally neutral in politics, it later became the leading German Democratic newspaper of Ohio.

== Editors and owners ==[2]

  • 1850–1863 – Joseph Anton Hemann, founder, publisher, editor
  • 1863–1869 – Johann B. Jeup & Co.
  • 1870–1871 – Volksfreund Publishing Co.
  • 1872–1873 – Limberg & Thilly
  • 1873–1879 – Limberg & Heinrich Haacke
  • 1880–1908 – Heinrich Haacke and Co.

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