Lumia Cinemagraph

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Lumia Cinemagraph
Original author(s) Nokia (Scalado)
Developer(s) Microsoft Mobile Oy, formerly Nokia
Development status Active
Operating system Windows Phone
Platform Smartphone
Type Cinemagraph
License Proprietary
Website [1]

Lumia Cinemagraph (earlier Nokia Cinemagraph)[1][2] is an application and Windows Phone camera lens formerly by Nokia[3] and now by Microsoft, which is bundled with its Lumia Windows Phone smartphones. Nokia Cinemagraph was originally based on technology from the Nokia acquisition of Scalado.[4][5] The software enables the creation of subtle animated GIFs (or Cinemagraphs) from images, these can contain stationary and moving components in the same picture, despite saving files as GIFs they're exported as regular JPG files and shared Lumia cinemagraphs can not be viewed on other devices.[6]

It was renamed to Lumia cinemagraph after the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services units by Microsoft in 2014.[7][8]

Lumia Cinemagraph Beta[edit]

The Lumia Beta Apps division launched the Lumia Cinemagraph Beta which migrated content from Nokia's website to Microsoft OneDrive and subsequently implemented this feature in Lumia Cinemagraph.[9][10] Previously cinemagraphs used to be synchronized via the Nokia Memories site.[11]

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