Cingöz Recai

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Cingöz Recai
Created by Server Bedii
(Peyami Safa)
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Gentleman thief
Nationality Turkish

Cingöz Recai (English: Recai the Shrewd) is a fictional character in a seres of books created by the well known Turkish author Peyami Safa in 1924. In addition to his novels of high literary value, Safa also wrote detective fiction using the pseudonym Server Bedii.[1]

Main plot[edit]

Cingöz Recai resembles French fictional character Arsène Lupin. He is a gentleman thief, who steals from the rich. In most stories, his fiance Jale also helps him. Mehmet Rıza (like Lupin's Justin Ganimard) is a police commissioner, who is always on the track of Recai. However, Recai manages to escape. In a fiction written in 1928, Recai acts versus Sherlock Holmes, and in another fiction written in 1935, he is at work against Arsene Lupin.[2]


Novels which are still being printed are the following.[3]

  • Arsene Lupin İstanbul'da (Arsene Lupin in İstanbul)
  • Tiyatro Baskını (Raid of the Theatre)
  • Elmaslar İçinde (Within the Diamonds)
  • Kaybolan Adam (Missing Man)
  • Esrarlı Köşk (Mysterious Villa)
  • Zeyrek Cinayeti (Murder in Zeyrek)
  • Şeytani Tuzak (Devilish Trap)
  • Mişon'un Definesi (Mişon's Treasure)


From many fictions about Cingöz Recai, only two were filmed so far:


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