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Battle cry Biała, Ciołek
Alternative names Biała, Taurus, Thaurus, Vitulus
Earliest mention 1279 (seal), 1401 (record)
Cities Trzcianka

Ciołek (Polish for "bull calf") is a Polish coat of arms, one of the oldest in medieval Poland.[1] It was used by many szlachta (noble) families under the late Piast Dynasty, under the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, during the Partitions of Poland, and in the 20th century. The variant names "Siolek" and "Cialek" arose from miscommunication among early-20th-century Polish immigrants to the United States.


A history of this coat-of-arms is included in a Short History of Polish Arms written by Countess Ewa Theresa Korab-Karpinska in the late 1980sm which is currently lodged at the College of Arms in London. As heraldic heiress and only daughter of Tadeuz Josef Zielinski (also spelt Zelinski ) Ewa was aone of a handful of women to write upon the subject of heraldry. The bull and crown were later exceptionally incorporated as a crest into an English Grant of Arms by the English College of Arms.


Notable bearers[edit]

Notable bearers of this coat of arms have included:


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