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The CircleRoute is a pair of cross-suburban bus routes in Perth, Western Australia. Like all Perth bus routes, the buses are branded Transperth and operated by companies contracted by the Public Transport Authority. The routes are identical except for direction: 98 is clockwise, and 99 is anticlockwise. The CircleRoute runs through Perth's inner suburbs and connects Perth's suburban railway lines.

During peak-hour times during study period on weekdays, additional buses are provided for larger capacities. Many of these buses operate short journeys between major stops or/and universities.

Since 25 November 2007, fares have been determined according to the same Transperth zonal system used by other bus routes and trains in the region (prior to that date, the CircleRoute used its own distinct zones).[1]


The CircleRoute was introduced incrementally between 1998 and 1999, with a southern suburbs section being opened in 1998 and the remaining sections opening in 1999.[2][3]

Bus stops[edit]

The CircleRoute is a "limited service", which means that it only stops at bus stops with bus information. Each of the stops listed below is a timed stop.

Location Zone Serving Suburbs Route Direction Transfers
98 99
Fremantle Station 2 Fremantle Bus transfers, Fremantle Line
Murdoch University 2 Murdoch
Murdoch Station 2 Murdoch Bus transfers, Mandurah Line
Southlands Boulevarde 2 Willetton
Curtin University of Technology 1 Bentley Bus transfers
Oats Street Station 1 Carlisle, East Victoria Park Armadale/Thornlie Line
Belmont Forum 1 Belmont, Cloverdale
Ascot Racecourse 1 Ascot
Bayswater Station 1 Bayswater Bus transfers, Midland Line
Morley Bus Station 1 Morley Bus transfers
Flinders Street 1 Tuart Hill
Stirling Station 2 Stirling Bus transfers, Joondalup Line
Churchlands Green 1 Churchlands
Shenton Park Station* 1 Shenton Park Fremantle Line
University of WA 1 Crawley
Claremont Shopping Centre 1 Claremont
Fremantle Station 2 Fremantle Bus transfers, Fremantle Line

* Shenton Park Train Station is only a transfer point between the CircleRoute and Fremantle Line trains. It is not nominated as a Timed Stop for the CircleRoute.

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