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Circle X Theatre
Formation 1996
Type Theatre group

Circle X is an award winning not-for-profit ensemble theatre company located in Hollywood, California. Circle X's productions have been described by critics as "refreshingly original and imaginative" and "consistently stellar".[1][2][3]


Circle X is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which is staffed by volunteers. Circle X was founded in 1996 by seven artists and to date has produced 27 plays in the Los Angeles area.[2] Circle X's current artistic director is Tim Wright[disambiguation needed].

Circle X is part of the Los Angeles 99-Seat Equity Waiver theatre community, a group of theatres that may employ members of the Actors' Equity Association without paying them union wages. Similar theatres include Sacred Fools Theater Company and The Actors' Gang. They produce out of Atwater Village Theatre along with Ensemble Studio Theatre-LA.

Awards and Nominations[edit]

Awards Production Nominations Wins Notes
2009 Ovation Awards Battle Hymn 2 0
2013 Ovation Awards Bad Apples! 6 2 Won for Book for an Original Musical and Lyrics/Music for an Original Musical

Production history[edit]



  • The Flu Season - By Will Eno, directed by Jonathan Westerberg
^ a: World Premiere


  • 365 Days/365 Plays: Week 19 - By Suzan-Lori Parks, directed by Tom Elliot, Pete Friedrich, David Paul Wichert, Lisa Szolovits and Jamey Hood


^ a: World Premiere


  • You Are Here - By Anthony Backman, Kevin Fabian, Holly Gabrielson, Jennifer A. Skinner & Doug Sutherland a[›]b[›]
  • At Play in the Valley of the Shadow of Chet - By Clown Corn Messiah, directed by Chuck Harpera[›]b[›]
  • Married But Solo - By Ally and Chris Loprete, directed by Thomas Fiscellaa[›]b[›]
^ a: World Premiere
^ b: Member-Driven Project



^ a: World Premiere


^ a: World Premiere


^ a: World Premiere


^ a: World Premiere


^ a: World Premiere


  • The Eight - By Jeff Goode, directed by Richard Augustine
^ a: World Premiere


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Notes and references[edit]

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    Eleven years later, they have become one of the most critically celebrated and best-loved small theatres in Los Angeles, known for their "refreshingly original and imaginative" production aesthetic (LA Times).

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