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Circuit des Remparts was a circuit race for Grand Prix cars and Formula Two voiturettes held in Angoulême, France. The circuit had a length of 1,287 m (0.800 mi), which was driven 80 laps.


Used once in 1939, this urban race track returned after World War II as part of the Grand Prix season from 1947 to 1951, hosting events where famous drivers could be seen, such as Juan Manuel Fangio, Maurice Trintignant, Raymond Sommer, Robert Manzon, André Simon and the like.

Today it is still a successful event, usually in September, that gathers historic car enthusiast around a Grand Prix raced on the very original race track. It also features a "Concours d'Élégance" and a concours of car restoration.

The historic event was used as the basis for "Le Défi des Remparts", an album in the Michel Vaillant comic book series.


date Pilot Car
1939 FranceRaymond Sommer[1] Alfa Romeo 308
1947 France Eugène Martin[2] BMW 328
1947 Russia Igor Troubetzkoy[3] Simca-Gordini T15
1949 France Maurice Trintignant[4] Simca-Gordini T11
1950 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio[5] Maserati 4CLT/48
1951 Switzerland Rudi Fischer[6] Ferrari 212


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Coordinates: 45°38′58″N 0°09′25″E / 45.64944°N 0.15694°E / 45.64944; 0.15694