Circuito di Ospedaletti

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Italy Circuito di Ospedaletti
Location Ospedaletti, Italy
Time zone GMT +1
Coordinates 43°48′02.8″N 7°43′22.1″E / 43.800778°N 7.722806°E / 43.800778; 7.722806Coordinates: 43°48′02.8″N 7°43′22.1″E / 43.800778°N 7.722806°E / 43.800778; 7.722806
Major events Grand Prix Formula One
Gran Premio Automobilistico di San Remo
Surface Asphalt
Length 3.380 km (2.100 mi)
Turns 7
Lap record 1:53.8 (Italy Alberto Ascari, Ferrari, 1951, Formula One)

The Circuito di Ospedaletti commonly known as the Ospedaletti Circuit (official name: Autodromo di Ospedaletti) was a motor racing road course in the north-western coastal town of Ospedaletti (Liguria region of Italy), active from 1947 to 1972.

Cicuit history[edit]

The Autodromo di Ospedaletti was the second designated venue for the San Remo Grand Prix from 1947 to 1951, after the original San Remo street circuit of the 1937 Grand Prix was no longer able to support the changing requirements of post-war Grand Prix racing.

The circuit opened in 1947 as a 2.625 km (1.631 m) street circuit for the II Gran Premio di San Remo. In 1948 the circuit was reconfigured to a distance of 3.38 km (2.100 m) prior to the third San Remo Grand Prix.

Race history[edit]

Ospedaletti Circuit 1947

1947. The II Gran Premio di San Remo was held on April 13, for International Sports Cars. The race was run clock-wise over 25 laps on the 2.625 km short circuit and was won by Yves Giraud-Cabantous in a Delahaye 135. It was also the inaugural year of the "Gran Trofeo" for Motorcycles (official name: Gran Trofeo Motociclistico di San Remo) (1947 to 1972).[1][2]

1948. The third San Remo Grand prix was held on June 27, on the reconfigured 3.38 km circuit for Voiturette class cars running to the new Formula One regulations.[3] The competition was run counter clock-wise over 90 laps and was won from pole position by Alberto Ascari driving a Maserati 4CLT/48. Luigi Villoresi set the first lap reord of 2'02.6 min (99.37 km/h) also in a Maserati 4CLT/48.[4]

1949. The Maserati dominance at Ospedaletti continued for the 4CLT at the April 3, 1949 San Remo Grand Prix. The race was contested counter clock-wise over two 45 lap heats which were won by Juan Manuel Fangio to take the overall title by aggregate time of 3 h, 1'28.6 min (99.26 km/h) for both heats. B. Bira posted the fastest lap in 1'56.0 min, also driving a Maserati 4CLT/48.[5]

1950. The 1950 San Remo Grand Prix, held on April 16, was a non-championship round of the inaugural F.I.A. Drivers World Championship season. The race was won again by Juan Manuel Fangio, this time in an Alfa Romeo 158 s/c, marking the end of the Maserati dominance.[6]

1951. The 1951 San Remo Grand Prix was the last year for Formula One to race at Ospedaletti and the last edition of the San Remo Grand Prix. The non-championship event was won from pole position by Alberto Ascari in a Ferrari 375, setting the final lap record of 1'53.8, averaging 105.53 kph.[7]

Results by year[edit]

Year Driver Manufacturer Formula Type Circuit Time Fast Lap Report
1937 Italy Achille Varzi Maserati Voiturette Maserati 6CM San Remo 3:3'34.0 - 94.87 km/h Varzi 1.07 Report
1947 France Yves Giraud-Cabantous Delahaye Int. Sports Car Delahaye 135 Ospedaletti 0:53.40 - 73.370 km/h Cabantous 2'2.75 - 77.0 km/h Report
1948 Italy Alberto Ascari Maserati Voiturette (F1 Reg.) Maserati 4CLT/48 Ospedaletti 3:3.34.0 - 94.87 km/h Villoresi 2'02.6 - 99.37 km/h Report
1949 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati Voiturette (F1 Reg.) Maserati 4CLT/48 Ospedaletti 3:1.28.6 - 99.26 km/h B.Bira 1'56.0 - 104.89 km/h Report
1950 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Ferrari Formula One Alfa Romeo 158 s/c Ospedaletti 3:10.08.4 - 95.90 km/h Villoresi 2'01.2 - 100.31 km/h Report
1951 Italy Alberto Ascari Ferrari Formula One Ferrari 375 Ospedaletti 2:57.08.2 - 101.70 km/h Ascari 1'53.8 - 105.53 km/h Report


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