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Circus Ponies NoteBook
Circus Ponies NoteBook Icon
Developer(s) Circus Ponies Software, Inc.
Stable release 4.0.0 / 6 May 2014; 2 months ago (2014-05-06)
Operating system Mac OS X
Available in English
Type Electronic notebook, Notetaking
License Proprietary EULA

Circus Ponies NoteBook, also known as NoteBook, is note-taking and organizational software available for OS X and iOS. NoteBook supports structured and free-form note taking, information gathering, sketching, diagramming, and PDF mark-up.

NoteBook documents, known as Notebooks, are electronic notebooks that look and work like paper notebooks. Each page contains an outline, which can be filled with notes and documents, or left empty. The first page of every Notebook shows the contents of the notebook in outline form.

In addition to an outline, notes and documents can be placed anywhere on a page. NoteBook includes tools for building diagrams from shapes and lines, and also supports sketching with the mouse or a tablet and stylus. NoteBook supports OS X's InkWell, which converts handwriting written with a stylus to text.

Dragging a PDF document onto a Notebook optionally adds the PDF's pages to the Notebook. The diagramming and sketching tools can be used to mark up the PDF's pages within the Notebook.

Each Notebook contains a section called the Multidex. The Multidex's pages show the complete contents of the Notebook in different ways, also in outline form. For example, the Text page shows all the words in the Notebook. Expanding a word shows all the notes in the Notebook that contain the word, and clicking one takes you to the note wherever it lives in the Notebook.

Circus Ponies NoteBook can be used for taking class notes, managing projects, documenting research, journaling, staying organized, scrapbooking, and more.[1] NoteBook is designed and sold by Circus Ponies Software, Inc.

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