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Cisternerne (2007)

Cisternerne - Museum for moderne Glaskunst (English: The Cisterns - Museum of Modern Glass Art) is a museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, dedicated to modern glass art. It is located in a grotto-like former water cistern that come complete with Stalactites formed by the changing water levels.[1] The entrance being marked by two glass pyramids, the museum is located beneath Søndermarken park next to the Zoo. In February 2009 Forbes listed Cisternerne as one of the more unusual exhibition spaces in Europe.[2]


The entrance to the muse

The cisterns were originally part of the Copenhagen municipal water supply and served as elevation reservoirs that were to create the pressure needed for water to reach the upper floors of the buildings of the city. They were constructed in 1856-1859 and served their original purpose until 1981. For a while they were used for concerts, exhibitions and events before being turned into the present, permanent museum in 1996.

The collections[edit]

The museum boasts a permanent collection of glass art by leading Danish artists such as Robert Jacobsen, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Peter Brandes and Tróndur Patursson[3] as well as temporary exhibitions.

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Coordinates: 55°40′10.3″N 12°31′28.3″E / 55.669528°N 12.524528°E / 55.669528; 12.524528