Cité des Fleurs

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The Cité des Fleurs in winter

The Cité des Fleurs is a pedestrian site in the épinettes district in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. This small village in the city remained very picturesque with small size buildings and gardens.

The site was created in 1847 by two landowners and is organized around a 320 meters long pedestrian way. Small houses and hôtels particuliers are built on each side of the way.

It was strongly influenced by the industrial neighbourhood: the Goüin family which owned a big industrial company owned a house for its employees. There were also some small fabrics : Caramels Valentin-Picards or Poupées Gerb's.

During World War II, the house at number 25 hosted a Resistance network. The Gestapo discovered it and most members died, shot in Paris or in camps.

Famous French actresses Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac were born there in 1943.

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Coordinates: 48°53′34″N 2°19′13″E / 48.89278°N 2.32028°E / 48.89278; 2.32028